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All about Blood Money

Our second season of 5 GMs in a Trenchcoat, run by GM Jesse Espinoza. Learn all about the player characters and their quirks! Wanna see some fanart? Don't worry, we got you covered. 

Check out our really cool trailer

Want to know what the vibes for Blood Money are? Look no further!
Animatic done by nikkehy and music done by ProdByHappyHour.

Meet the characters

Meet our cast of Edgerunners
Arthur "Doc" Cooperski

Played by Adam Gonzales

  • Went through a psychedelics phase in college

  • Has a forever anklet that he's had since the eighth grade

  • In third grade, he won a pi reciting contest

  • Can't put contacts

COMING SOON: Photo Gallery

A compilation of some of the fan art done by our resident artist and cast member, Tanlynn!
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