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All about Fragments of the Rebellion

Our inaugural season of 5 GMs in a Trenchcoat, run by GM Tanner Sherlock. Learn all about the player characters and their dragons! Interested in GM Tanner's lore drops? Don't worry, we got that covered too.

Check out our super awesome trailer

Want to know what the vibes for Fragments of the Rebellion are? Look no further!
Animatic done by nikkehy and music done by ProdByHappyHour.

Meet the characters

Meet our main cast of dragon-riders and their beloved dragons
D'vonne Jay Addams and Siron

Played by Tanlynn Morgan

  • Been in the game for 30 years

  • Once forgot to feed Siron when he was younger (and has the scar to prove it)

  • Is a homosexual

  • Kinda musty (but not on purpose)

  • Before he was part of the Rebellion, he was a Cavalier

  • Loves doing hair (and specifically Bee's hair)

Meet the secondary characters

Meet the secondary cast of characters that were made for when the campaign has other ideas
Jack Elrond and Staghorn Elkhorn

Played by Adam Gonzales

  • Stag put Jack in the hospital three times when he was a baby

  • Often looks for mom-and-pop shops for his lunches

  • Always dreamed about having a fast dragon but Stag proved him wrong

  • Went through a bangs phase

  • Wants to grow old on a farm with Staghorn 

Lore Drop

You've heard us yell this on the podcast. Immerse yourself into the world of "Fragments of the Rebellion" and see what the heck GM Tanner was talking about.

Photo Gallery

A compilation of some of the fan art done by our resident artist and cast member, Tanlynn!

Thank you for listening!

To everyone who tuned into Season 1, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We poured a lot of work into our inagural season, she's our baby. To commemerate the season finale, Tanlynn drew a poster! We'll miss the dragon riders, but here's to new adventures.
S1 Poster.jpg
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