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All about our "5 GMs Presents" miniseries

What are we presenting? Why, a plethora of miniseries, of course! As creatives, it's hard to contain all of our ideas. Sometimes, the ideas we have for campaigns work out better as one-shots or as an under-10-episode series. Check out all the cool character art we have for each series. 

Enter the Spider-Verse (w/LatinosAgainstSpookyShit)

Run by GM Adam using the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game | Art by @gremlinfroggart


Played by Tanlynn

Prehistoric Panic
(w/GameRaterGirl and
Keshia from Reel Scrolls Film Co.)

Run by GM Adam using Escape from Dino Island | Art by @gremlinfroggart

Lillian Hall

Played by Ivy
aka GameRaterGirl

Heartland Home

Run by GM Kim using Perils & Princesses | Art by @emmer_g

of House HmHmm

Played by Adam
Played by Adam

Students of Strixhaven

Run by GM Adam using Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Art by @gremlinfroggart


Played by Jesse
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