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All about our "5 GMs Presents" miniseries

What are we presenting? Why, a plethora of miniseries, of course! As creatives, it's hard to contain all of our ideas. Sometimes, the ideas we have for campaigns work out better as one-shots or as an under-10-episode series. Check out all the cool character art we have for each series. 

Enter the Spider-Verse (w/LatinosAgainstSpookyShit)

Run by GM Adam using the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game


Played by Tanlynn

Prehistoric Panic
(w/GameRaterGirl and
Keshia from Reel Scrolls Film Co.)

Run by GM Adam using Escape from Dino Island

Lillian Hall

Played by Ivy
aka GameRaterGirl

Heartland Home

Run by GM Kim using Perils & Princesses

of House HmHmm

Played by Adam
Played by Adam
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